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  1. Cybernetics 2.0

I became deeply interested in biological neural networks during my time at Stanford. I stumbled upon active research on the topic being performed by Dr. Bernard Widrow during his course on adaptive signal processing. For three years after the course, I partnered with him to develop neural networks with local learning rules inspired by homeostatic regulation of firing rate. The algorithms extended to other homeostatic systems such as thermoregulation, blood pressure, and even plant growth. Dr. Widrow came up with his ideas and we discussed them in great depth at his residence or the faculty club. I assisted him by running computer simulations, performing literature reviews, and ultimately transcribing his hand-written words into a book published by Springer.

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  1. % LMS: A stochastic gradient algorithm inspired by neurobiology

    2019 | Stanford CS229 | paper link | poster link

  2. Audio bandwidth extension using a normalizing flow model (WaveGlow)

    2020 | Stanford CS236 | paper link

  3. GRU Voice Activity Detector on ARM Cortex M4 using Tensorflow

    2019 | Stanford CS230 | paper link | poster link

  4. Speech denoising using adaptive filtering

    2019 | Stanford EE373 | github link

  5. Pyramid vector quantization for audio compression

    2020 | Stanford EE376C | paper link | slidedeck link

  6. Mitigating catastrophic interference in multi-task learning

    2020 | Stanford CS376C | paper link

  7. Audio-based gesture detection on the Neosensory Buzz wristband (Cortex M4)

    2019 | Stanford EE292D | paper link | video demo | slidedeck link

  8. Tactile representations of image signals

    2018 | Stanford EE376A | paper link

  9. Wireless performance characterization of fabric antennas

    2013 | Rice CMC Lab | paper link

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  1. US20200209975A1: Method and system for providing adjunct sensory information to a user


  2. US11614802B2: Method and system for haptic stimulation


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  1. Python in MS Excel

    2014 | PyTexas | video link

  2. How understanding the human brain can impact our lives

    2015 | TEDxYouth@DPSMIS | video link